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Why AllStars?

Change your paper money into gold as quick as possible!

You benefit from the most favourable prices when buying, selling and storing physical precious metal bars. It is quick, easy and save to open an AllStars depot. Test ALLSTARS right away!


Real-time functions

Auvesta Online Depot


Buy gold easily online worldwide and pay with your credit card, instant transfer, bank transfer, standing order or SEPA direct debit.


Send and receive gold and precious metals between 2 depots for free.


Switch online to other precious metals.

Auvesta Online Portal globally mobile available

Sell gold and precious metals worldwide exactly to the last cent.

Vault transfer

You decide where your precious metal will be stored.


Set it up once and perform sales regularly.

All prices per 1 gram gold as of 28.02.2024



AllStars XL



Average market price









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AllStars XL

Vermögensaufbau Gold erhält den Wert

Average market price

  • ∅ from € 150.00
  • with minimum order surcharge
  • without cost-average-effect
  • Gold bars often without certificate
  • no price advantage
1g Gold: 76.95


  • from € 30.00 per month
  • without minimum order surcharge
  • With cost-average-effect
  • real gold bars (LBMA certified)
  • Price advantage of 7.30%
1g Gold: 71.30


  • from € 60.00 per month
  • without minimum order surcharge
  • With cost-average-effect
  • real gold bars (LBMA certified)
  • Price advantage of 8.30%
1g Gold: 70.58


  • from € 90.00 per month
  • without minimum order surcharge
  • With cost-average-effect
  • real gold bars (LBMA certified)
  • Price advantage of 10.20%
1g Gold: 69.12


  • from € 120.00 per month
  • without minimum order surcharge
  • With cost-average-effect
  • real gold bars (LBMA certified)
  • Price advantage of 12.90%
1g Gold: 67.00
1.875.99 € Present status:
28. Feb 2024 18:00
1.158.74 € 5 years ago:
28. Feb 2019 15:00
+717.25 €
+61.90 %

High: 1.911.43 € 04. Dec 2023 08:00Low: 1.128.74 € 17. Apr 2019 15:00

Gold price risen

The gold price has risen by +61.90 % during the past 5 years.

To put it more simply, 100 EUR would result in € 161.90 in 5 years.

All prices are per ounce of gold as of 28. Feb 2024 18:00
* These values are calculated with the usual market values

Favourable price due to regular purchases


Buy physical gold each month and generate assets in the long term, regardless of the current market price.

Buy precious metals each month, buy more at low prices and less at higher prices. Overall, this results in a lower purchase price. This is known as the cost-average effect.

Favourable price due to regular purchases - Cost-average-effect

FAQ - Questions and answers regarding precious metals


Where are my precious metals stored?

Storage is carried out exclusively by highly specialized operators in high-security vaults.

Storage locations:

  • Zurich (Switzerland)
  • London (Great Britain)
  • Frankfurt a. Main (Germany)
  • Munich (Germany)
  • Singapore (Singapore)

Are my precious metals insured in storage?

Your precious metals are insured in the vault against burglary, robbery and fire at replacement value.

Why are my precious metals not kept in a bank?

For Auvesta, the security and transparency of your precious metals has top priority. The professional companies selected by Auvesta have many years of experience regarding the storage and transport of physical precious metals.

Auvesta also attaches great importance to the fact that the management of physically secured storage rooms is the core business of the selected companies. Most banks, on the other hand, are no longer interested in storing physical gold.



Precious metals

What is LBMA?

The London Bullion Market Association LBMA regulates the quality requirements for “Good Delivery” bars.

Only manufacturers who are certified by the LBMA are allowed to produce “Good Delivery” bars.

Good Delivery bars (standard bars) are gold and silver bars that meet the strict quality requirements of the LBMA in terms of shape, weight and purity. A standard gold bar has a weight of around 400 ounces (approx. 12.44 kg), but can vary from 350 to 430 troy ounces. (1 ounce = 31.1 g) A standard silver bar has a weight of between 750 and 1100 ounces. The serial number, manufacturer's test number, fineness and year of manufacture must be stamped on the standard bars.

Where does Auvesta's precious metal come from?

Auvesta only buys precious metals from refineries certified by the LBMA. In Germany there are only 6 refineries which are certified by the LBMA and can therefore produce good delivery bars.

Can I sell my precious metals again?

You can place a sell order at any time in writing or online.

Auvesta guarantees you the repurchase of your stored precious metals. You can sell parts or all of your precious metals to Auvesta online every day during trading hours.

Can I have my precious metals delivered?

You can have your precious metals delivered to you in standard denominations at any time. You decide which transport company should be used to deliver your precious metals.

Can I pick up my precious metals?

You instruct Auvesta with the storage of your precious metals. Auvesta assumes responsibility for the administration and documentation of customer inventories, which are published in the login.

You can also pick up your precious metals from our business premises by making an appointment in advance.

Auvesta Online Depot

In our online depot you can manage, buy and sell your precious metals.
We would be happy to provide you with detailed information about the new options for buying gold.

So fascinating that the actual purchase is behind the precious metal experience. And so flexible that it can meet your needs at any time. With the AllStars, this vision is now a reality.
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